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The Crypto Oracle - Cloud
The Crypto Oracle - Cloud
The Crypto Oracle - Cloud
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We areThe CryptoOracle Collective

We are a group of 50+ experienced Web3 professionals with diverse sets of skills who believe in the power of Web3 to make monumental positive changes in the world while driving unprecedented wealth creation.

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The Collective is helping address three major issues facing the Web3 ecosystem:

The best Web3 projects struggle to find experienced Web3 talent.

The best Web3 talent struggles to find the best Web3 projects.

This is where CryptoOracle Collective comes in.

The Collective selectively chooses our Clients to optimize for potential upside and alignment of Web3 ethos.

Our Team

Our large (50+) and growing Membership includes a wide spectrum of skills and geographies per the sample membership list provided below:

Lou Kerner

Kerry Miller

Andy Singleton

Max Smotritskiy

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