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A technology company at the nexus of digital identity, community and financial inclusion.

An app connected device giving you the power to monitor your oral health the smart way.

Share, protect, and track your company’s sensitive data in a virtual data room.

A platform providing liquidity for cryptocurrency, allowing users to use their coins as collateral for USD loans and much more.

Brings the security of an encrypted blockchain to pension fund investors with unalterable transaction data.

An open source and peer to peer decentralized democratic governance protocol for any kind of organization.

Manages, operates, and develops end to end digital solutions to monetize the blockchain ecosystem.

Royalties and debt financing platform for innovative start-ups with smart-contract technology and token-incentivization.

Exchange promoting a fair online economy for a collective change towards a life based on values in common.

Utilizes raw data to generate hardware and AI technology to transparently assess every facet of your business.

A decentralized, blockchain based consumer rewards system.

Global Business Development Agency that provides outbound prospecting and lead-gen services for start-ups selling B2B solutions.

Leveraging blockchain technology to empower innovators and their organizations to take greater control of their intellectual property rights.

Encourages cross-border charitable healthcare assistance without a central authority.

The first hardware and software solution that turns any tabletop or surface into a smart, interactive, augmented reality surface.

First complete cryptocurrency wallet with a personal AI to protect both your identity and data.

Health platform that aligns healthcare stakeholders around  patient empowerment and improved clinical outcomes.

Solving the live multimedia communications problem for leading social video apps 

The first investment Marketplace in Latam for start-up developers connecting them with investors eager to provide capital.

Fisrt cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled mobile phone & PC, forming an independent blockchain network.

Blockchain based multi-channel messaging platform for collaboration and communication like never before.

Autonomously rewards individuals for holding Ether or any ERC20 token.

 technology-driven service that can turn a traditional asset into a security token

Blockchain protocol for digital and financial inclusion providing better and more consistent access to mobile networks.

The most simple, cost-effective and reliable way to hire service providers using Blockchain technology.

The future of news on blockchain.

A secure platform in which all of your family’s health services needs can be managed in one place.

A merchant-bank funded sports technology/media company with a native token, FanChain, that allows users to purchase pay-per-view games, digital goods and subscriptions.

The next generation platform that leverages the power of cryptoeconomics & participation in digital media.

A proprietary system enabling for the creation and trade of ERC20 Token baskets.

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