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The CryptoOracle cloud
The CryptoOracle cloud

Sample client roster

A broad range of Web3 verticals


Our clients are across a broad range of Web3 verticals (e.g. Metaverse, Film3, DeFi, NFTs, play-to-earn…) and include:

CryptoOracle - Pocketful of Quarters

Pocketful of Quarters

Pocketful of Quarters is the universal token for games. Buy Quarters. Play Games. Quarters are a token for gameplay only. Hot wallets for players. JavaScript, Node, Unity SDKs & API docs for developers. Q2s are an ERC-20 token for investors to earn royalties from the sale of Quarters.


Beem offers creators and their communities the most advanced video and NFT tools in one place to create new content and experiences, own and monetize their craft, and make the jump into the Open Metaverse.

CryptoOracle - eVerse


Revolutionizing the creator economy through applications built on the blockchain.

CryptoOracle - Maxos Finance


Maxos is a DeFi protocol that partners with layer one blockchains to deliver stable yields to investors while boosting the price of native token collateral.

CryptoOracle - RillaFi


The Sch0lar protocol takes the existing structure of endowments and supercharges their performance using DeFi and Blockchain. The result? More money in more students’ hands and a dramatically more meaningful donor experience.

CryptoOracle - CasperLabs


The Casper Network is the first live proof-of-stake blockchain built off the Casper CBC specification. Casper is designed to accelerate enterprise and developer adoption of blockchain technology today and evolve to meet user needs in the future.

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