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The mission of community-owned CryptoOracle Collective is to provide world-class consulting services to leading web3 projects, solving three major problems of the burgeoning web3 industry:

1. Given the recent emergence of web3, there are a limited number of “experts” to provide the needed insight for projects to be successful.

2. It’s difficult even for “experts” to properly gauge a project’s probability of success. Now the Collective members benefit from a broad range of viewpoints when choosing which projects to work on.

3. While the potential upside in tokens and/or equity of Collective clients is highly attractive, each Collective member needs to balance the upside with near-term cash generation needed day-to-day. With the pending issuance of a liquid Collective token, each Collective member will be able to choose the percentage of their project compensation they take in the project’s tokens/equity, and how much they take in liquid Collective tokens

The Collective’s 24 Charter Members are geographically diverse, and encompass a wide range of web3 skills and expertise:

  1. Abby “Abtraxx” Harris — New York, Web3 Business Development & DAO’s
  2. Andy Kurtz — New York, Fundraising & Legal
  3. Alex Cahana — New York, Healthcare
  4. Alex Brown — New York, Project Management
  5. Alison McCauley — San Francisco, Strategic Positioning, Comms & Org Design
  6. Andy Singleton — Boston, Growth DeFi
  7. Elvedin Mesic — Zurich, Blockchain Technology
  8. Evin Schwartz — New York, Metaverse
  9. Mike Evron — California, Blockchain Technology
  10. Igor Ilyinsky — Arizona, DAOs & Tokenomics
  11. John Goldschmidt — New York, Enterprise Applications & DAOs
  12. Joshua Hudson — New York, Community Development & DAOs
  13. John Sarson — Indiana , Investment Management
  14. Julian Gilliam (aka LOGIK) — Illinois, NFTs
  15. Lou Kerner — New York, Tokenomics
  16. Kaitlin Argeaux — London, DevOps
  17. Kerry Leigh Miller — Miami, Organization & Incentive Strategy, Metaverse
  18. Max Smotritskiy — New York, NFTs
  19. Mihai Crasneanu — London, Web3 Films
  20. Mitch Mechigian — London, Finance
  21. Joshua Lange- Malta, Web3 Education
  22. Olga Bashkatova — Texas, Accounting
  23. Sarah Endline — Paris, Consumer Innovation
  24. Scott Friedman — New York, Fund Raising

Initial Collective clients include:

Beem — web3 video live streaming and distribution.

eVerse — enabling and building crypto applications through the use of the eVerse blockchain to revolutionize the creator economy for the better.

Game of Silks — is the leading Web3 sports gaming project on Open Sea and is building the first derivative play-to-earn metaverse that mirrors the real world of thoroughbred horse racing.

Maxos — a DeFi protocol that partners with layer one blockchains to deliver stable yields to investors while boosting the price of native token collateral.

Pocketful of Quarters — is an interoperable virtual currency platform for gaming, usable across different games and platforms.

Sch0lar — takes the existing structure of endowments and supercharges their performance using DeFi and blockchain

Stably — providing enterprise asset tokenization solutions and borderless accounts for 21st century innovators and businesses.

We had our first Collective Twitter Spaces featured guest, Michael Weiksner, Founder & CEO of Pocketful of Quarters (POQ) on Thursday 6/30. Check out the replay here.

For inquiries to work with the Collective as a web3 project or as a Collective community member, please email: alexb@cryptooracle.io

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