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How we help our clients


The Collective provides a growing spectrum of Web3 services needed to build successful Web3 projects. These services include, but are not limited to:

Community Building

From recruiting community members, to token economics and governance and consensus, the Collective’s top focus is community building.

Strategic Insight

Given the vast reach of Collective Members, we’re able to provide unique insight into the Web3 ecosystem.

Business Development

The Collective appreciates the importance of partnerships in Web3, and are able to provide key introductions sought by clients.


The Collective includes Members with deep experience in executive recruiting coupled with deep Web3 domain experience

Raising capital

While the Collective is not an investment bank, we provide guidance on positioning, investor decks, financial models, and other elements key to successful fundraising via VCs, angel investors, tokenization, or NFT drops.

Alignment of Interests

  • The Collective structures its agreements with a β€œtrial-period” to ensure that the fit is right between the Collective and the Client
  • The Collective structures its compensation to optimize alignment with our Clients

Kind words

“Working with The CryptoOracle Collective has been an incredible experience!”


“You’ve been fantastic”


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